Captain Steve Amick

Steve Amick has been a Licensed Captain since the young age of 19. Now into his 37th season fishing out of Savannah and with just over 5,000 fishing trips under his belt, his experience fishing the Snapper Banks is hard to match. Married to Sophie for 25 years and the father of 3, Scott, Amber, and Tess (hence the name, SCAT II), Capt. Steve leads a full life.

With a passion for hunting and fishing, Capt. Steve will spend between 180 and 200 days offshore on the Snapper Banks each season. During the off-season, he heads for the woods in pursuit of Big Game. From whitetails in Georgia, to the giant Brown Bears of Alaska.

Although his style of fishing may be described as aggressive, he is quiet, hardworking, persistent, and dedicated to providing clients with a first class fishing service.